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Default Duck Key Update!!!! A Great place for beginners!!!

Duck Key is a group of islands that that takes up an area of about 60 acres, half of that is occupied by a resort called Hawks Cay Resort and Marina. There are no good shore launches on the island but there is a kiteboarding school called Florida Keys Kiteboarding that takes people out for lessons and rider trips. There is also a boat ramp if you have your own boat. All wind directions are kiteable within a 5 minute boat ride and you don't need to be a guest of the resort in order to go out on the boat. Curry Hammock State Park is 5 miles away and is a great place to kiteboard as long as there is no more north in the wind than an ENE. Cocoplum Beach is another 2 miles down the road with the same wind directions. Duck Key offers great kiteboarding for beginners and experienced riders with plenty of calm, shallow, waist deep water to learn in no matter what the wind direction is. There is plenty of legal parking, a dockside store, restaurant, and tons of watersports for everybody in the family.

Duck Key is a great place for beginners and experienced riders to learn and experience kiteboarding in high current areas. You not only have current, you have varying current speed, direction changes, and the best thing, tons of calm shallow water in a huge area so you can stand up without worries of being swept away. Learn what happens when the current or wind direction changes and how to set up in current from a boat, in a safe manor. When you need a change of scene to get out of the current, pack it up and take the boat for a 5 minute boat ride to a no current area just around the corner.

Duck Key offers a super place to kiteboard with numerous riding areas and reasons to go there.

If you have any questions about kiteboarding at Duck Key, please don't hesitate to call me, Aaron at 305-942-9635 or email at You can also check out the kiteboarding section at
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