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Summer weather seems to be here finally bringing a fair amount of rain and little useable wind. Had to happen sooner or later. So, between short bouts of thermal winds on to other things, like diving. Headed down to the Keys for some wreck scooter free diving (may put together a video on that) and a quick reef dive with my good friend Capt. Slate at Atlantis Dive Shop.

Scootered into a grotto awash with minnows, and what should I see?

A lurker, belting out opera? Or, was he getting a dental job from a neon gobi?

Any guesses as to what this big fella is? PC or the original name will do. I can recall when these were pretty common down that way and docile as big dumb dogs. Then butthead poachers took them out along with the tame loups. Here's an idea, a poacher spearfishing contest!? That is with the poachers being taken for prizes. Seems fair.

Motoring out the far side of the cave and up

The obligatory Keys sunset, another great day!

Photos by Rick Iossi

(A repost from the Photo of the Day from 2008)
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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