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Can't seem to get your camera mount to stay put? Why not try one of these?

It has been designed for special service by to mount a GoPro camera with their corrective flat port for underwater use. It is a shark dorsel fin camera mount!?

This is what has to say about it:

We designed a shark mount for Discovery Channel that goes on the top fin of a shark. The footage will be shown THIS SUNDAY on Shark Week at 10pm (pacific time). Name of the show is INTO THE SHARK BITE.

Shark fin POV footage is supposed to be around the 10 minute mark into the show. We have not seen the footage but expect it to be the first time ever seeing a shark's point of view in 1080p HD glory. Sometime in the near future an improved shark mount will go on a great white. Just looking for somebody to put it on. Any volunteers?

It actually starts at around 7:29 and you can see the complete video online at:

Just watching the free diver attempt to mount the thing on several sharks actively engaged in a spirited feeding behavior is almost more entertaining than the actual fin footage.

He managed to clamp the camera on to one.

The view from the sharks dorsel fin, running towards the videographer

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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