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Default News from the beach

This just in:

"HAPPENING NOW - I JUST GOT A CALL FROM GABOR WHO SAW THIS AS HE WAS LEAVING - if anyone is headed down to siesta key beach (just north of the public beach) there is a guy with a funny looking kite (2-3 meter) who has a camera attached flying over the bird restricted areas

this is same guy that was at s lido yesterday and when asked by dan anderson who he was or who he was with woould not say

if anyone is headed that way it would be great if we could get a couple face shots of this guy along with his contracption - woudl not want the "bird" people to take shots of this guy and claim he is a "one of us" scaring birds

dan called me yesterday, but i missed him, by the time i got to s lido he was gone, i told rich and others that i woudl not approach him as a kiter but a concerned birder and ask him if he can not read the signs that say do not disturb the birds and ask him who he is (i woudl even go as far as to call the Fish and Wildlife Number listed on teh signs, put my phone on speaker and tell F&W that there is a guy harassing birds who will not identify himself - but hey, that's me)

anyway, if not today, keep an eye out for this guy and let's find out who/what is going on

kiter joe"
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