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I talked with a very nice girl from the Audubon Society Friday night who was monitoring the area north of Siesta Key Public Beach. She offered to take me over to see two new nesting pairs south of the current roped off area. They have a dilemma because most all of these nests are on private property. If they upset a homeowner (like by roping off an area and cutting off access to the beach), they could get kicked off the property for trespass. They are trying to protect the birds, but not upset the homeowners at the same time.

They will have bird police monitoring all of these areas all holiday weekend.

Keep your eye out for the area just North of the Public Beach boundary where people usually fly trainer kites. This spot may or may not be roped off. The public beach will be too crowded for trainer kites this holiday weekend, so there may be no suitable area to fly. Please don't fly any kites near a crowd or wildlife area.

You can see Google maps with the current (approximate) location of the areas here:

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