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Again, lets try to avoid personal attacks. It is a shame to move posts.

I was just thinking how much we've lost in Miami so far. Poor riding practices were almost universally the cause of kiters getting tossed out from ...

1. ALL of Miami Beach, technically.

2. Virginia Key Beach

3. Crandon, a bunch of times, back again.

4. We were very close to being booted out of Hobie years ago and again two years back.

5. We worry about Matheson Hammock, have done for years. We're still there hope it stays that way.

6. Kiting is allowed or used to be allowed in quite a few State Parks. We never had a chance to be banned from Bill Baggs Park. They just asked around and said, forget it.

Am I forgetting anything?

We need to do things differently if we want to stay around, believe it. That is schools and riders at large alike.
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