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Christophe from miamikiteboarding.

Inititally the topic here is about "illegal teaching at Hobie ", then it obviously turned to "Illegal teaching simply". and it is getting interesting cause each of us as to put cards on the table, and the one who hide his game must be a cheater.
unfortuantely the reality is not a game, it's quite more serious than just words spread on a thread. it's a concern of all and by all.

So first and before all, If ANY OF US TALK ABOUT BUSINESS WHEN MENTIONNING KITESURFING INSTRUCTION, THEN THEY MUST ABIDE BY THE LAW THAT GOVERNS IT. In any country , businesses have regulations. All of us knows it. At fortiori in Miami.
No kind words, commitment, skills, long experience in the field , quality and amount of teaching etc ... can justify of not playing the game according to the rules: it is not only unethical, it's also a lack of self-respect for yourself and your business that you seem to value so much , and mainly it is illegal.

how can you not foresee that u expose urself and ur personal asset to a lawsuit ?
how can you not provide students with coverage in such a considered"higly risky sport" ?
how can u know that even ur local plumber is insured & licensed when charging you for a service, and not assuming that you fall to the same state laws ?
how can u speak about respectable business when engaged in an activity without even fill-in the admistrative duty that it involves.
SUre it cost money , but if u make some, play the game right. like we all do.

Now , as far as Hobie Beach:

Hobie beach is dangerous riding spot for all of us , yes we know. But we want to keep it , as the only access to ride in SWW for those u don;t have boats.

Anybody who has comon sense: rider, teacher, or simply any open mind bystander , and obviously every student , can realize , Hobie beach is not a place to throw Body dragging session with an on-shore wind @ 15-20 knts just 60 yard from shore, and it was a sad reality again this past wednesday , thusrday and each time someone teaches out there.

How can u not consider kids, cars, trees and other cars driving at 60mph just behind ? or just consider that a student may not control its kite on time , and crash it a bit to far. ? what can u do when u are 40 m away from him?

there is no point of trying to justify , talk , compromise on this: it is simply suicidal attitude.

SO when allowing to teach there, you show irresponsible sense to others, riders, public, park rangers, u show bad example to ur students who will likely come and ride here with their own gear but still with approximative skills, and actually do no good of an advertising for ur school to teach right here !

People are no fool. Very soon, those post and words in the forums will spread throughout the community , and school or instructors associated with the hobie beach teaching, will simply loose huge credibility.IT IS NOT A TEACHABLE LOCATION. period.
Use a boat or body drag to the sandbars out. but don't stick right there.

So Hobie beach business doesn't do any good in a long term AT ALL. the bucks u make today , u will loose many more in the futur as students will seek alternative and more responsible instruction.

and each incident can shut HOBIE for good.
How can you not think that U may be the one closing the beach for the rest of all us , even the one u taught in the past ?

it is short thinking and irrespectfull for riders, students, and bystanders close by.

If u were to get the proper tool to run a business such as : license , permits, insurance , and certification, you will learn that teaching at Hobie will never be allowed. simply ask the rickenbaker causeway management, their office is right by the road. check it out in person.

I also think that illegal businesses are only still running because none ot their client is really aware of their status. Maybe things will change very soon thanks to this type of issues lightening up on the forums and spreading through words of mouth.

Understand here. Nobody want to shut down anybody's business , especially Instruction.
The sport grows and NEED instructors. But when the industry, equipment, and general organization are working towards more safety, those careless approaches from certain instructors are taking our sport backwards . It is regression !

Those instructors have certainly proper teaching skills. ( so much time teaching after all) , it will do better to your community to use them wisely in a smarter way.

To answer Ken : i never taught this girl at Hobie, she went on her own, after we warned her. and just helped her removing the kite from the tree once we witnessed it . like u did help this guy last thursday i guess.

I'm all for a meeting , not sure a bar is appropriated though, as voices tones may rises. a Room somewhere . In KB , i can look for it .

your opinion.

last question to paul : Is Francisco still PASA certified ?
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Christophe Ribot
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