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Default Some input from a beginner

I feel inadequate chiming in with all of you seasoned instructors and riders because I am a beginner....but, in reality, it is the new riders anxious to utilize their investment that cause most of the problems. Lucky for me, MKB not only taught me how great the sport can be, they taught and warned about the dangers. As I have become brave enough to even launch without an instructor, I find myself looking for resources that tell me which wind direction is right at each location; which location should be avoided in certain wind directions; and all of the "safe" locations and certified schools in the area. Obviously, we can check the actual wind on the normal sites, but for a newby, directions mean nothing if you are unfamiliar with the actual ins-and-outs of the desired location. So, if I may ask, is it possible to put together some type of flyer or brochure that provides this valuable information to all levels of kiters? We could all be ambassador's of the sport by insuring that people we meet on our beaches or those planning to visit, understand the optimal conditions and dangers of the locations.

Also, just to mention, I was at Hobbie one day and was approached by a guy selling IKO certification cards completely filled out. At the time, I was still to new to understand what he was offering, but I thought you guys might want to know this. Obviously, I declined his $20 offer, but I am sure many have accepted.

Kind regards, Donna
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