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I would be happy to help out as moderator for tonight's meeting of area kiteboarding businesses. Not looking to vilify anyone but hopefully achieve some solid progress towards improving kiting practices and access. To that end I agree with Kent's ideas for a loose structure for tonight.

It would be good for one representative from each business to have three minutes to present general concerns and comments at the start of the meeting. Everyone should have fair opportunity to voice some constructive concerns and comments in this way. General discussion would follow. The goal is to build some consensus and workable solutions and not to have things get shredded in open ended argument. We can easily achieve the later but what we need for the long term of this sport is the former. Kiting in big surf and high wind takes a lot more than brute force and raw emotion. It takes care, thought and skilled execution to pull it off. That sort of care and tact is what would serve us well tonight.

I think Kent's agenda items cover things well for a first go round. Advanced input on other critical items for this first meeting? It would be good to have some prepared comments in mind before we get together. We won't get everything sorted out in one meeting but hopefully it will be a productive first step.
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