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I went out at about 5 pm until 7:30 pm off Palm Beach County on a 13 m 2008 Waroo. Initially I thought I might be rigged a bit big and so trimmed for mid range. Was slogging around a bit so came in and adjusted the trimming for a bit more power. That helped, also the wind was pretty gusty for no obvious visible reason. The winds averaged in the mid to high teens with lulls down to around 12 mph and gusts into the mid 20's. Still, there were times when you would be sining pretty well before being able to lock it in. I haven't used the 11 m but guess it should handle similarly. Have you played with trimming using the various knots on the pigtails? If you are underpowered attach closer to the kite from the mid point. If you are overpowered go in the opposite direction. I find I can't use the outmost knot on mine as the kite becomes too mushy. It is best to do this with pulling in on your trim strap initially. If you go above the mid range you will find that in addition to increased bar pressure the kite speed will decrease. I haven't noticed anything untoward about the 13 m speed.

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I was out yesterday on North Miami Beach from 6.15PM till dark and found the wind to be really light compare to what it looked like. (white caps all over)

I upgrade my 07 Waroo 11 to an 08 and got skunked 2 sessions in a row. The kite is fast and handle gusts really well but I am concerned about the low end.

Anyone reading this was out about the same time and can tell wether it was me or the wind?

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