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Here a couple of shots of proper launching with East to southeast winds at Smathers demonstrated by Greg Meintjes, a long time launch regular, using his new Eclipse Full Throttle kite.

Paul Menta is down near the water west of the rock groin waiting for the confirmed signal from Greg to launch

Greg is back on the sidewalk/entrance ramp to the beach getting sorted out to launch

He launches, keeps the kite low and over the water, walks down grabs his board and off he goes.

Other approaches will likely see kites hung up over the road, in trees, over the powerlines, power killed and some really pissed off Public Officials at YOU (first) with the rest of all other kiters a close second. This can and has happened, please don't cause more problems at this unique launch by ignoring good procedures.

Look at the post above this for more info.
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transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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