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If you ride in Miami, this would be a good time to tell us what you think. Having hundreds of anonymous, silent riders isn't so good when your launches are getting choked and closed one at a time. So, speak up and better still jump on board to try to keep avoid losing Hobie and the possible negative consequences to the few other launches that it might bring.

Todd, if you could get the authorities onboard with it, maybe. As a rule it is a difficult, lengthy undertaking even in supportive public venues. On the few occasions we've heard from the governing authority of that land along Rickenbacker Cswy. they had no use, sympathy or concern to promote kiting at Hobie whatsoever, quite the opposite.

What I've advised in other areas where the City or authority was reluctant or simply refused to allow permanent posting, was to put them up and take them down daily. Pain in the butt but losing Hobie would be a bigger pain. You could put them on each side of a sandwich board, create a few of them for some of the more regular, responsible riders and hope they have them up most busy days. Hopefully out of three or four guys, someone would be there on key days. The FKA would put up some cash to help with putting the signs together. Maybe a video for the net to go with.

What do you think?
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