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Thanks Rick

Danimal: The wind blows all day, there are only minor thermal effects in certain area. So it may be good as soon as you get off the plane. It can be windy all day, so you can plan on riding in the morning and the afternoon.

Rick is right, some of the launches are tight, but the water is wide open. So with a little local knowledge you can find the ideal beach for the wind that will let you access some of the best riding. The main W launch is Barkers on a E/NE wind, which has a small beach, but a huge sandbar really close. I recommend walking out into the water a fair ways before launching, riding or landing. It is shallow enough that your launcher can help you get away from the beach without getting wet.

Personally, I like the E end of the island. More launching and riding options in different winds. If is it onshore in one spot, then a better spot is probably less than a mile away. Plus East End picks up more wind directions and can be a little stronger and more consistent.

You can call the shop from 7am-6pm at (345) 947-7500, or try my direct line at (345)925-8129, if I dont answer it is cause I am on the water. I would be happy to help in any way.

Regarding advanced rider services, we do gear rental, water taxi to the sandbars and advanced lessons to anybody riding upwind. Of course, we do beginners and intermediates too. Long downwinders in the protected sound with full boat support.

gotta run... it is blowing 22knots, it is 78 degrees and sunny. See you soon!
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