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Just got this in:

"As members of this fantastic site you are considered a local kitesurfer to the Delray Beach area. Our summer saw some unexpected wind and we are now gearing up to enjoy a great WINDY SEASON! All of us have a true passion for this sport. We all kitesurf, thus we all know the safety issues and the perception surrounding this sport, both ours and those we come in contact with. Delray Beach has one of the best launches in the STATE... that is a fact! We have over a mile of beach to set-up, launch & land while enjoying the best kitesurfing has to offer; without getting into anybody's way, right here in our back yard. As the 2010 Season is officially here, it is up to us locals to police ourselves and to inform newbie's. All of us, the Delray Kiteboard community need to continue to take a proactive approach on safety. Thinking safe, being safe and informing others, ensures Delray does not go the way of Hobie Beach and other areas that did not regulate themselves well enough. We cannot ever let that happen here, we all have it too good! My job is to keep you and your family and everyone who ventures to the beach, safe. But as local kiteboarders is it not all our jobs? Everyone has heard the negative stories (Ft. Lauderdale kiteboarder hits condo) and the perception our sport can bring with one kite down in a bathing area or worst a severe injury to ourselves. Let's keep what we all enjoy! Be proactive, launch and land in the appropriate area, south of the Seagate, don't fly over people sitting/walking on shore, especially at the Seagate. Those lines are 25 meters so be courteous and wrap lines when not flying, stay 300 feet offshore and away from bathers....when doing a downwinder think what the perception is as you buzz the shoreline. We all can help educate those that may not know..........Delray has a great kite scene and being proactive toward SAFETY ...............keeps our sport strong!

Eric Feld, Supervisor
Delray Beach Ocean Rescue "
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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