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Exclamation Hollywood, Not another ban?!

I was just speaking with Jim Hurst down in Hollywood. Apparently, things are heating up with possible threats of a ban on kiting there. Issues are also tense at nearby John U. Lloyd State Park. We managed to get kicked out of that State Park many years ago through poor kiting behavior. Some kiters have been riding inside 100 yards, flipping off rangers at the Park and causing readily avoidable grief to fall on our sport. Guys have been coming from other areas, perhaps those that have been SHUT DOWN for similar behaviors from the north and south, contributing to these problems. Sounds way too familiar.

More to come on the Hollywood situation. I will work with Jim and others to develop some realistic guidelines to try to keep us flying in Hollywood, meet with officials and hopefully cool the situation down. Please pass the word, wherever you ride, keep low key and avoid causing complaints. The most common cause of problems is riding inside swim area boundaries, usually within 100 yards of shore. We don't want to lose any more riding areas than we have already.
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