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Another point is that a lot of people who take lessons aren't from the area. A lot of lessons are given to people who are on vacation and don't want to go home knowing only how to do the safety maneuvers and body drag. They're attracted to the sport because they see people riding, jumping, throwing tricks. They don't feel that they've accomplished anything unless they are up and riding by the third day. When their friends ask what they did on vacation, they want to say "I kiteboarded," not I learned to body drag and self rescue. Their satisfaction means better tips for the instructor.And that's the rub. The only people that can say that money doesn't matter are those who've got plenty of it. It's a powerful force. And let the force be with you. The paradox is that in the end, the safer and more competent that people feel, the more likely they will continue in the sport, and THAT does mean money. I don't think instruction in the sport should become equivalent to the resort dive courses. Another powerful lure is the "gear in exchange for no wind days." I fell for this. But now you have someone with a day or two of lessons, his own gear, released to the riding spots that everyone is trying so hard to protect. Lucky for me,(or not!) I'm older and I left my charge ahead let the chips fall where they may, attidude back in my earlier years. I was lucky to have met the guys riding at Smathers in Key West, who helped me out a lot. Thanks guys. So when you guys that have been riding a while see someone new on the beach, it's o.k. to ask him how long he's been riding, where he got lessons, etc., if he needs a launch.No one wants to be the new kid on the block. Newbies are shy, they probably won't approach you. If the guy turns out to be a kook, you've identified him. If he's eager for your help, you just might find a fellow ambassador for the sport, and a chance to help someone become a safer rider. Everybody wins.

I guess I've ranted long enough. Peace out
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