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Arrow Photos - Lighthouse Kite Session

Some photos from last night's session around Hillsboro Inlet. I had a GoPro HD2 mounted on the kite and one on my helmet.

Quite a few guys were at the launch to take on some of the nice southeasterly winds.

I finally met Dave of S.F. Windsports, always on the lookout for great photos to capture.

A girl came up on a wave runner out for some speed runs through the waves. I caught some shots from my kite and helmet.

That is the first reef going inland under the northern jetty. Those orange masses are areas of boring sponge tearing into the rock of the reef.

Trying to coordinate some shots on the fly yelling across the water.

A scenic area to ride and shoot

Nice waves rolling in north of the inlet backstopped by the jetty.

Nite for now ...

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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