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In addition to the kiting orientation described above, here is a video from that day at Boynton Beach Inlet with lifeguards flying
off the bridge and working on kiting interactions on the beach.

Most of the images were shot with GoPro Hero3+ cameras. I used a Quikpod Monopod for perspective shooting including from directly
over head of the jumping lifeguards. When I went off the bridge following lifeguards down, I hand held one GoPro shooting in burst mode
with another in a chest mount shooting video at the same time.


Some still shots of lifeguards jumping off the inlet bridge into a ripping outgoing tide.

Jumping off the bridge to follow Jim McCrady down while shooting with a GoPro Hero 3+ in burst mode to capture a sequence of images
of our fast drop to the water.

Repeating the jump, this time following lifeguard Pedro Prieto down.

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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