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A video of a rage in March 2018 showing the remarkable wave run-up along a significant section of the roadway bordering the bridge.

A video of a pickup truck that was blown off the road by waves. I understand the driver escaped.

A case of a man walking on the rocks trying to get a look at the ocean in the middle of the rage being blasted across the road. You can see him before and during being washed across the road in the video. He survived but the article photos at the link are a little gory.

You can see him in a massive wave on the left of the road below, from the video.

and then being washed across the road on the right and likely into the concrete barrier before going over the side on to the rocks.

Article with victim photos at the clinic.

There is a new rage on currently. Let's hope there will be just photos of waves and not injured people and displaced vehicles.

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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