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Originally Posted by miamikiteboarding
Great job on that story , can't be a better description of the day.
, and it's only starting ...yeaaahhhhppp!

chris - was there from start to end.
Great job on the event again Christophe. Next year by current indications it will be the largest event in Florida/SE USA.

Originally Posted by GK
Wow Rick, you did an awesome job! Great pictures, too many good ones to name.
Thanks Greg! There are still more to come including a good one of yourself and a GK launching. A question came up about a Globerider kite CJ was modeling and very nicely too at:

Originally Posted by Cborges
Great job Rick once again!!!
You are kickin butt with regards to speedy quality work!
How are those backrolls comin? :roll:
Thanks, lots of work but it is good when it comes together. More to come. How was shredding on the moon anyway? With Ty's magic pole no problem, as of last night, halfway with the odd splat with a kite. What tricks are you working on CJ? Great shots at K4G by the way.

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