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This is a good example of why you should buy locally from a shop.(WSW pimpline). Although I dont own the latest and greatest kites on the market like most of you guys, my local shop has never let me down. If I have a problem with a kite, they help me resolve the issue quickly, and do whatever it takes to keep me on the water.I know that Best is smashing the other brands with their marketing tactics and low price points, but taking care of the customer is not at the top of their list, and thats why I am hesitant to purchase a new Best kite.
I had a SS Machine that was heavily ridden for almost a year, the canopy had stretched out, causing a flap in the wingtip area, and affected how the kite was flying. My boys at WSW (and Neil H.)were right there for me, contacting the warranty dept. at Slingshot and getting me a brand new kite, bar and lines, in a hurry. I had to twist the shop owner's arm to take 50 bucks to cover the shipping costs.They could have said that I flew the kite outside of the recomended wind range and shot me a birdie finger. They could have kept the new bar and lines, slapped a price tag on it and made some money out of the deal(approx. 300 bucks), but, instead Steve L. said "That new kite is too pretty to fly on an old bar and lines, take this brand new one and keep the old for a spare, and BTW, thanks for your business". That 300 dollar bar could have bought them a few Martinis, and that moment showed me that WSW looks out for their customer, no matter what. Between WSW and Slingshot, they had all impressed me beyond belief and will always get my businesss.
If anyone plans on being a kite retailer, they should have plenty of extra accesories on hand to replace the stuff that breaks or wears out. If not, they are selling a disposable kite-We want to get on the water NOW, not a month from now...
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