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Thats not subliminal

This is

BuY ThEm NoW, AlL oThEr KiTeS ArE ObSoLeTe.ThEsE ArE tHe BadDeSt kItEs oN tHe PlAnEt, eVeRyThInG eLsE Is cRaP.BuY tHem NoW, lOsEr. YoU DoN't eVen hAvE tO kNoW HoW tO RiDe, JuSt BuY mY KiTeS.BuY tHeM Now.FrEe 1O MiNuTe LeSsOn WhEn YoU BuY mY kItEs RigHt nOw.BuY tHeM nOw,NoT lAtEr, oR yOu WiLl bUrN iN hElL.BuY ThEm NoW.iF yOu cRaSh mY kItE,YoU jUsT bOuGhT iT sUcKeR.bUy It nOw.DoN't tHiNk, jUsT bUy iT nOw.YoU wIlL bE ThE cOoLeSt gUy ArOuNd iF yOu bUy My kItEs rIgHt nOw. BuY tHeM Now.RiGhT nOw.Buy It nOw

You don't direct ostriches, you herd them
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