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Default Cabrinha mini series


Jeff Kafka (Cabrinha) appears to have won the Cabrinha Mini Series #2 with either six or 7 points (4,1,2,3), followed by Geoff Headington (SS) with eight points (3,4,1) and Chip Wasson (Ozone) with nine points (2,3,1).

The podium appears to have Jeff, Geoff and Chip standing tall even though there are several protests pending which in the opinion of this writer, will not impact the final results.

There is one protest involving a capsized rider (off his board in the water) not yielding while on a port tack attempting to retrieve his board; the capsized rider has the right of way. There is another protest at the start of a race where one riders kite bumped/tangled with another starting a chain reaction. The effected riders are looking for redress and I believe they will receive but the redress will not effect top three; Wittke, Youngberg and Buys to receive redress. The last two protests are against the assumed winner Kafka by Gomes. Both protests involve alleged incidents on the last leg of the third race on July 31.. Should Gomes prevail on either, Kafka would have to drop his third place performance on the 31st rather than his fourth on August 14. Gomes’ results would not change as he finished second and no redress would be in order. Chavez (Naish) will finish fourth with 12 points, and Gomes (Cabrinha) finishing fifth with 13 points.

In other Cabrinha Race Series news, the race scheduled for August 28 was cancelled at the last moment due to lack of wind. There was concern that the big hole on the inside would continue to move outside…causing the approximately 25 racers to be caught outside with no wind…equals swimming and rescues. As the racers were all rigged and ready to go, they took a chance and held an impromptu race from the yacht club to the Golden Gate and back to Anita. As luck would have it, all went well..,the wind outside was a steady 20 and held.

Speaking of luck, as many of the racers were not present, including Anthony Chavez, the current overall leader, the cancellation means that the missing racers do not have to utilize one of their throwouts. For Chavez and the rest of the fleet, this means that he most likely will not be caught for the top spot on the podium.

Racing tonight, assuming wind, and the free raffle and mini series#2 awards at the yacht club after racing.
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