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Good Rules Of Thumb ConchExpress. I particularly like the one about wind shifts with passage of cold fronts. A big wind boost and squalls can also come through around the same time. The frontal wind shift often seems to be about 90 degrees in a clockwise direction. In some cases this leads to sudden, power offshore winds which were previously lighter and onshore. This blew a kiter out to sea in Connecticut a few years back. It also sent some Panhandle kiters in a kayak trying to recover a kite out to sea for a cold night of floating around. Cold fronts are rarely a secret and you can even guess fairly accurately when they may cross your location. No real excuse for getting caught out by a hazardous wind direction shift, getting caught in a squall line or being yoked by predicted wind spikes at the leading edge of the front.

Coming from flying, what things are you particularly tuned into when it comes to kiting weather and precautions?
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