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Another look at DARPA's efforts to utilize the Aqueon concept using newer materials.

Here is their summary of the program:

Program Manager: LtCol John Lowell, Ph.D.

The PowerSwim program is developing highly efficient, human-powered swimming devices for use by combat and reconnaissance swimmers. This program explores a new concept in swimming propulsion that uses the same oscillating foil approach to swimming that is exhibited by many fish and aquatic birds. This propulsion approach is more than 80-percent efficient in conversion of human motions to forward propulsion. Typical recreational swim fins are no more than 15-percent efficient in their conversion of human exertion to propulsive power. This dramatic improvement in swimming efficiency will enable subsurface swimmers to move up to two times faster than is currently possible, thus improving swimmer performance, safety, and range.

The actual inventor of this concept and over 50 years ago, Cal Gongwer hosted about four pool parties in which DARPA staff examined, used and questioned Cal at length about the Aqueon. DARPA then proceeded to consume almost $3M of tax payer dollars in the mandated creation of "new" technology. No credit or compensation has been given to Cal by DARPA in any of this. Doesn't inspire much pride or confidence in this government agency.

They even have a promotional video now:

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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