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Strange things from the undersea world of Jacques Cousteau ...

The natural reaction of people from the south of France after eating roast ortolan (sparrow-like birds) on an open fire, whole. I understand the bird has become endangered but you would think wolfing these little guys feathers, organs and all would have gone extinct a coons age back. Images from: Cousteau Divers on Facebook

Waiting to spend a penny at the loo or maybe just for the bus.

You can have any color wetsuit you would like, as long as it is silver?

Theater collides with functionality, which one won?

Thank you for all the great images over all those years Captain Cousteau.

* I made the mistake of linking these photos from Facebook. They develop broken photo links in less than two years at times. If it is important, I wouldn't rely solely on FB to keep track of your images. They have lost a ton linked to on here.
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transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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