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I have read of some disappointment about Phelps not actually squaring off against a Great White in a fin race "Mono e Carcharodon." Ignoring practical issues with gaining the shark's full cooperation with shooting ques, instructions, makeup, etc., there may have been a larger lurking problem, potentially bad for insurance premiums if not ratings? The Lunocet fins Phelps was using rely upon a pair undulating foils for propulsion. Undulating foils can be an efficient means of propulsion for divers but works even better for fish. Here's the rub, I have used a undulating foil propulsion system for a few decades, the Aqueon. It is a neat way to rip through the water at speed. The thing is, it can send some marine predators into hysterics. I have had barracuda whipping all around me gnashing teeth, shaking heads in attack mode when I have been going full speed on one of these. They looked really excited, wanting to bite something but I stopped before they came in for a taste. I had been doing a fast inverted dolphin kick for some minutes gaining the second reef off Ft. Lauderdale from the beach in no time when this happened. I have even had dozing nurse sharks wake up and take interest which can take a lot of motivation at times absent a prod. I didn't have any free swimming sharks conveniently at hand when I've been swimming hard much less a Great White but I wonder what sort of interest the undulating foil might prompt in one of these big boys? I have assumed for all these years that the undulating foils crank out some distinctive sound underwater, perhaps like a wounded thrashing fish, aka dinner bell. It makes sense after all and whatever the cause, a distinctly negative outcome might occur if you crank at full bore with the foils. So, in hindsight, it might be better than Michael and the Great White were joined on a computer somewhere as opposed to together in the water.

More about the promotional stunt at:

ps - I have still failed to watch any produced content from Shark Week start to finish except from odd snatches online, like this. Perhaps the reruns, in a few more years? Some people just don't know what they are missing I guess.

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