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Default Florida Trip, Stay Put Or Do a Grand Tour?

Kiters can have a great time selecting just one destination and having at it there for the entire visit. Alternatively, you can cover a lot of ground and water in several days, a week or more in several parts of Florida. As they say, it's all good with each area unique in different ways. There is a great deal of launch specific info at

Wonder about driving distances? Checkout:

Need directions, checkout:

WHAT do these launches look like? Well there are many surface shots below and no end of good quality satellite images at:

If you are flying into Florida there are many International Airports to choose from, from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach in the SE, to Ft. Myers in the SW, Tampa in the West, Orlando in Central Florida and still more further up the state. Your ultimate destination or tour itinerary should be coordinated with your point of arrival. The following trip is setup with a Miami arrival.

So, if you are planning a visit to Florida and the winds are on why not check out a few spots, there are hundreds of launch area and riding photos below, like ...

In SE Florida, more in the SE Florida Forum at: , you could go to Key West, hook up with Paul Menta of for a boat trip to the Flats of Key West. More at:

You could visit with Brad Lange at in Islamorada. More about the area just north of Whale Harbor at:

While in Miami you should get out to the Flats of Miami. More about that area at:
Christophe with and Ty with may also be running out to the Flats.

You could visit Miguel with at Matheson Hammock while in Miami as well. More about this at:

You should stop by Adventure Sports Miami for a great selection of kiting and other water gear and say hello to Kent, Todd, Garry and the gang:

You could stop by and say hello to Juan and Morgan while on the way to Crandon Park, more at:

Further north you can visit Neil at Tiki Beach in Ft. Lauderdale, more at:

and you could swing by in Ft. Lauderdale and say hi to Jon.

Still further north you could hit Delray Beach, more at:

And Jupiter say hi to Jeremy with Jupiter Kiteboarding, more at:

And still further north, you could visit Greg with Treasure Coast Kiteboarding in Ft. Pierce:

Or shred into NE Florida,

Sebastian Inlet,

Or, say hello to A.J. with in the Cocoa area:

Or Ponce Inlet,

Further north you could visit Daryl and Scott with Extreme Kites in St. Augustine and Matanzas Inlet. More at:

Or Jacksonville,

You could shoot to the Southwest coast from Miami via Alligator Alley and hit Marco, Naples and Sanibel.
SW Florida Forum


Or hit Naples and say hi to Latino with,

Sanibel/Ft. Myers and visit Roy with

Or you could jet west through Orlando from the Cocoa/Ponce area to Tampa Bay/St. Pete.

There is tons of info and rider activity on the Tampa Bay/St. Pete Forum and say hello to more great guys than I can name in a sentence at:

Launch area info and photos appear att:

Don't forget about the Panhandle of Florida with huge white sandy beaches, waves and good frontal winds. More in the NW Florida Forum at:

Panama City, visit Rush with

Ft. Walton, say hi to Michael with

These are only some of the great riding grounds that Florida has to offer. Make your plans, ask questions here if you like and get ready to rip!!!
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