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Default Unreal Weekend - August 6, 2004

After gearing up for another month of heat and sun in August, the
unthinkable happened and we had our first northeaster this weekend.
I was very skeptical when I saw the forecast, but sure enough, the
wind picked up right on schedule Friday afternoon. The unseasonably
strong cold front stalled over south central Florida, giving St.
Augustine the perfect setup for wind. Check out the wind report
from Matanzas Inlet:
Friday night I taught a kiteboarding lesson until the wind started
getting out of control. I rode the same 9 meter Cabrinha CO2 that I
was teaching with, on short lines, and was perfectly lit. Saturday
morning we setup a 5 mile downwinder, and all put up 11s and 12s
based on the mornings wind readings of 20-25 knots. By the time we
setup it was gusting to 30 knots, and I don't think I've ever been
that lit on my 11 Flexifoil Strike. The waves were 2 feet overhead
on the outside and we were all frothing by the end from the nearly
endless succession of lip bashing and huge floaty airs. Saturday
evening was more of the same with small kites, waves, and wind.
Sunday the wind switched directly onshore, so we waited until the
tide started going out at Matanzas in the afternoon to hit it. It
turned out to be one of the best sessions of the weekend even with
the onshore conditions. The wind is still blowing a little bit this
morning and we could have another evening session today before it
all ends.

If this is any indicator we could be in for another epic fall season
here in north Florida. 3 years ago when I stared riding we had 2
months straight of NE winds from mid-September to mid-November
everyday. So next time the front stalls and you guys in south and
central Florida are getting pounded by rain and no wind, take a
drive up to St. Augustine and ride with us.

From Eddie Toy.

reposted from the FKA email list
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