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Skyway Scott
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Well, someone just tried to find "this" video on KF recently.
It sort of renewed my interest in it and I found it again, as well.

I ended up watching it ten times, back to back.
I have an awesome sound system on my computer, that makes a difference.
I was so impressed with this video, I wrote to the guy that edited it.
I guess Aaron Hadlow likes the editing too,

Here is some of what he wrote back (I took out some parts)

Hi Scott

Thanks for the message. I haven't looked at that vid
for a long time... I'd probably cringe if I looked at
it again. Took about two months to make 3 or 4 hours a
day. That was it basically all the footage I had,
which ...... (edit). Never made a
video longer than 10 mins, that would probably take a
year haha.

Some people don't like the choppy editing style but.....(edit out )

Anyways I'm just finishing off a vid for Aaron Hadlow
hoping to have it finished in the next week or two.
Watch this space, got some new fx no one has done
before in a kite vid ;-)

but yeah sound is 70% of what you see.


Man, I can't wait to see this Aaron Hadlow clip!

Here is a link to the Ruben clip, it takes a long time to download (it's fairly high def, worth the wait, imo)
Once it does download, crank it, like Andy says, the sound is 70 percent of the video.

here is the cheese whiz, low grade download. The video is worth it just for the Beavis and Butthead "my kite is better than yours" sketch.
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