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Default RPM=AWESOME (Lets start using this forum more!)

First of all, people need to start using this forum more. This is a great resource for our area. Let's utilize it.

So I feel like the overall consensus is...That kite is f**king sweet. Fast, Floaty, Stable, Responsive and still Depowers completely! I took it to the beach around 4:30 and road some waves with it. It is sweet for wave riding too. The only issue seems to be the that power strap gets difficult to adjust every once in a while (Oh well!), but no complaints about the kite itself. The RPM should be available in around 3 weeks. If anyone is interested let me know so you can get one ASAP. I will have a 12 meter a little sooner for anyone who didnt get to try them. Props to Slingshot.
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