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Default Whale Harbor, Islamorada, Florida Keys

Attention all kiters: there is a good bit of info about kiting at Whale Harbor...not sure where it is right now...I'll find it and put it together with this new announcement...

Kiteboarders kiting from Whale Harbor need to stay away from the Chesapeake Beach Resort directly downwind from Whale Harbor.

Too many kites are ending up on their shoreline, trees, pool etc...

All kiters have a responsibility to keep your kite on you and not let it go; but we all know that at times it might get away. YOU NEED TO BE FAR ENOUGH FROM THE SHORELINE SO THAT IF IT HAPPENS, YOUR KITE WONT END UP ON THEIR PROPERTY.

They are great people over their and they are just trying to keep their guests safe. THAT IS OUR JOB.

We will be installing some bouys to help you see where NOT TO GO.

So please, don't ride up close to Bobby's shack, don't show off for the girls laying out, and don't practice your new HP trick upwind of And never walk aroundthe fence to go hang out their...unless of course you are staying there (It is a great place to stay!)

Thanks for all your understanding...we will all police each other in order to protect our neighbors and our sport.

Call us at the shop for more details 305-853-KITE

Ride On.

Brad Lange
Seven Kiteboarding, Islamorada, Florida Keys
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