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Do you realize how small the sheltered riding area is that is open to kiters at Marco Island? It's a postage stamp. For years, riders have abused privileges there annoying park rangers and residents alike. Not everyone, just enough riders to create problems for us. There have been local problem riders and quite a few from the east coast. Been trying to help manage this for many years from this coast. You know about this of course, I am sure as hell not making it up.

Ok, now consider the size of the Miami Flats. It is shallow, warm, close by and the wind shadow 6 miles out from land in westerly winds is minimal. Also, there's 50 square miles or more of potential riding area, like you need that much. When a strong wind is on, you might be in a wind destination in the Caribbean. Why don't more people go there in strong westerly winds? The conditions are ideal, far better than they can find in a small, congested and threatened riding area on the SW coast.

We are a community, given the amount of time some of us are spending in trying to preserve access, (I'm well over 40 hours in the last couple of months all over SE Florida), we need to act like a self-preserving and sustaining community. Marco is a small place, too small in many respects. Naples lacks much sheltered water, has a fair amount of chop, a narrow congested beach in tourist months too. Guys in SE Florida have far better conditions close to home but you need to take a boat there. We also have lots of access issues right here of course. If more guys would get off these tight, congested launches and out into the flats, that would bring relief to threatened access right here at home. If they like flat water, they would likely have better sessions too with fewer hassles.
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