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there are problems with the wrist bands that i'm not sure how to address. First of all, what happens when i progress from a red to a yellow? Who decides? What if people forget their bracelet or from out of town. How do we know that one of the kite-police will be at all major launches all season?

If we had boards at major launches, we can keep track of how many people are there, and when they write their name on the tag, they can put "blue waroo" or whatever. So if someone arrives later, they can check in, check the board to see who is on the water and what level they are at. If someone is wearing a red bracelet, chances are that i will not be able to see what color it is until he is too close! The buddy board would not have to be "manned" all the time. That way if there's 5 riders at a launch, they can check the board when taking a break or arriving and see who they are riding with. Rules and regs can be posted on the side of the boards. Just some ideas. Staffing is a large problem for a lot of this and the boards are pretty much self sufficient. (we will need people at the beginning enforcing "checking in" but that would have to happen with bracelets as well.
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