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Skyway Scott
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No one protecting our spots or not shredding near people should have had any cause for concern. It definitely was not my intent to FF anyone. That's exactly why I made the post as a forewarning and asked two other locals to speak with the riders in question (and express my intent) about just consistently staying a safe distance from shore. It was not my intent to catch someone off guard. Just the opposite. I think it's pretty obvious.

I am only concerned with people riding close to bathers, etc. A strictly enforced swim zone or no launching at all is what the police will end up doing, and wasn't my intent. My concern has always been about riding too close to people. For some reason, some people think that 20 feet is cool and that they are always in control. Well, it is pretty obvious that doing that can lead to bans and we actually had a ban in Ft. DeSoto due to riding in a swim zone.

After reading Neil's post and other's posts on the subject, it seemed a video tape of behavior was possibly the most impartial and "honest" way to handle self-policing. Video doesn't lie. Neil, Rick and others seemed pretty fired up about self policing and I obviously don't want to lose spots. So to me, the video seemed like the most impartial way to show behavior. It's really the only alternative to he said/he said, unless you want to listen to one guy lie and watch the other turn blue in the face.

While talking to people about this today, I realized that every time a real issue about safety or self-policing comes to the forefront here locally, people usually draw lines in the sand based on friendships, not based on issues. Either that or more likely, they just sit back, watch, and say nothing. This means it usually gets pretty twisted and nothing ever gets done. So, what's the point? We never even got a sign up at EB and we actually agreed on that one, so it's hard to believe any good is going to come out of attempting to change someone's behavior.
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