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HMS Ontario found in 2008 in 500 ft. of water was launched in 1780. Thanks to the cool, dark, low oxygen of the depths of Lake Ontario, it is in a remarkable state of preservation.



More information at:

Artist's rendering of the vessel in better days. Lots more great images at:

Want to have a look, here you go ...

Reminds me of the wrecks of the Scourge and Hamilton largely intact in 300 ft. off St. Catherines, Ontario. That is until Jacque Cousteau amputated one of the masts by accidentally hitting it with his diving saucer. Plimsoll lines, fresh water, cutting ice with copper sheathing (actually the wood hull above it) and hitting irreplaceable cultural resources by poor dive sub stickmanship. The things you learn in the Great Lakes.
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transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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