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Yes, that is all true. I was advised to become very skilled at manual line of sight flying to deal with those "unusual" sessions in which manual override is indicated. I imagine a number of guys have dropped Phantoms in the water but not as many as I originally thought. Apparently, they are good at flying out of problems, some of the time.

Just found this, know nothing about it other than the pricing looks good.

Here is another one, again, don't know anything about quality or performance with it.

Here is one that is actually doing survey work off a Haiti, thanks to the magic of Tupperware?! It was home made for about $2000.

I just found a summary of some existing "waterproof" drones at:

That drone is a monster! The dual, redundant props are interesting too. I haven't seen those on a drone before. It can handle a payload and has all that backup. Although, it might take a microprocessor to keep it in control if one goes out.

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No, Rick, but looking forward to it.

Have been thinking of getting Phantom II - but heard they sometimes fly away on their own, their 3-way gimball does not fit GoPro IN its waterproof case (only barebone GoPro... which is kind of ridiculous), not to mention the drone itself is not waterproof (so kiss goodbye to both drone and GoPro, if the set drops into the water).

BTW... has seen a pro-drone-set ESPN guys used at filming "Master of the Ocean" Waterman Contest in Encuentro (Dominicana) - wow... that was some impressive piece of technology.

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