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Hey Inferno,
I have been leaving in Seattle for almost 2 years and just moved in Miami.

Seattle is one of the best place I have ever kited. Lot of options to ride, flat, waves, snow, easy acces to the coast and the gorge. It is windy year round if you don't mind the cold in the winter.

Jetty Island is a great summer spot 30 min north of downtown. This is only an afternoon spot (thermal wind coming from the north) and you would need to find a ride to cross the channel (ferry, inflatable kayak, or just ask for a ride to the boaters at the marina). You can ride on a 3/2 or shorty in the summer time.

I will be there on Sunday and the forecast is looking good so far. PM if you are around. We could catch a ride together to the island.


More info:

Some nice pics:
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