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Default No wind PMS

I was watching a documentary about Laird Hamilton and other big wave surfers and I think it was Jerry Lopez who described the irritability and loss of focus for other activities when there were no big swells. Laird's wife Gabby Reese, related that Laird became depressed and moody. I couldn't relate at the time, but I can see where that comes from. I wouldn't have thought that kiteboarding would affect my psyche that much. It absolutely takes over your thought processes, and I don't have nearly the experience as most on this forum. I have played a lot of sports in my life, and have been obsessed with other activities, but this is somehow different. It's hard to describe. I could state all the cliches that are quoted in the kite mag interviews, but somehow they don't do the feeling justice. From a pharmacological point of view, kiteboarding must have one hellava stimulatory effect on endorphins. Wind lust is a great term.
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