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There is a single lifeguard stand and sign on the beach to the north of Linton and Atlantic Dune Park. As long as you are north of that sign and not causing complaints with residents along that stretch you should be good to go.

Be careful about staying out of the dunes. One of these residents closer to the north end and kitebeach, came very close to banning kiting through complaining to the mayor years back. If you are walking back and bystanders are about to pass as a courtesy it is good to walk on the downwind side of them keeping them upwind of your lines. Not everyone does this simple thing which could pay off big someday.

There are other large areas of private beach south of here. There are also areas of exposed rock on the bottom particularly in Highland Beach and parts of Boca Raton. Also, the width of the beach is pretty small in some of these areas. So, have a care down that way.

Thanks for your concern, we would have a lot fewer issues and be able to focus more on riding if more had your outlook.
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