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Thanks for the info Cletus. Todd not sure what is the root of the apathy in the local community. We used to get 30 to 60 guys down for the meetings to try to keep Crandon open a few years back. Want to organize a meeting on access issues in Miami in general? There are still a ton of them, that is issues and riders too for that matter.

Just need to get enough guys onboard with a few basic rules and in a mood to try to promote them regarding Hobie. Guys used to go to Hobie nine years ago for SW winds from Broward and even Palm Beach, not sure if they still do in many numbers though.

Regarding local, recognized instructors teaching there and in all too often hazardous SW winds, not sure what the solution is. We know it is a bad idea, they may even know it as well but blow it off. Their students likely either don't know or stupidly blow the risk off too lacking understanding and appreciation for what is in play. Why not bring this up at the meeting.

Want to get a meeting of riders together on this?
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