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Default Get your gear ready S Florida

It's comin. But it aint gonna be free., We gonna have to work for this front!

Sat-Sunday North winds 15-20 knots. Most likely pushin 20 knots. North Florida callin for 20-25.

Strange thing, Jupiter (our best North wind spot) is not callin for anything over 10-15??? It may get a touch of NE in it but maybe not enough for the beachside access points on ocean side. The Keys is looking to the best of it in S FLorida. Wind direction calls for Bayside riding.

Kayak is coming out and time to hit the real near shore flats off the bay side coast. Dont need no stinkin motor power. Its all bout the Mo nature

Good luck and prepare yourself gents ! (and ladies). Im gettin all giddy!
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