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Default Our own Dr. Drew


I personally get it alot. Usually due to powered riding and choppy water. Yeah jumps have there impacts, but it's that constant beating upwind I think in the chop that really is hard on the knees.

One sure way to get stronger knees, is to ride a bike. Building up the muscles around the knees will make your knees stronger. Ask anyone who has blown out their knee and they will tell you that bike riding is a big part of their rehab. Oh yeah, gotta ride with clips so you get the full effect.

Finding smoother water can definately question there. At PI it's hard to avoid the chop as you know.

We have are very own Dr. Drew of kiteboarding here in the Tampa Bay area. He helped out at Kite4Kids and did a little write up on injury prevention. Though I would share it. See the PDF below.

Good luck!
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