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Originally Posted by HIGHFLYN
I squeezed in a session @ Hammock park in Boynton, from 5:15 till 7pm. I was keeping a close eye on those storms to the NW and when I saw that first bolt of lighting~ I called it quits.

Turns out to have been a good call all around, about 15 minutes after I hit the beach and wrapped it up. The wind died and switch NW as I drove home northward in the rain.

Glad to have caught it while it was there. This work **it really gets in the way sometimes~ LOL

Hope you were able to get U some :wink:
Glad you got some time in. I took all the stuff to the beach just in time for it to shift side offshore and drop off in speed. It looks like it came back in a while though somewhat. Still there were some pretty nasty squalls coming through with NWS warnings. The radar suggested that they might move to the north and south of the launch in Delray. I bagged it and headed home to do some work. Next time!
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