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Default New 2013-2014 KITE RULES in Crandon Park : READ IT !


Please take note of the new Regulations to kitesurf in Crandon ( see attached ) starting this week !!

Basically the major changes are:
- Kiters must stay 600 Ft from the shore
- and kiting is only allowed when the lifeguards are present: 9.30 am to 6.00pm ! (subject to change according to Daylight Saving Time applicable in the Crandon )

We HAD NO CONTROL over these new set of rules, they have been imposed to us by Ocean Rescue and Park Administration !

But we will make it work smoothly as usual, thanks to your cooperation as we are all aware that a designated Kitesurfing area in a County public beach such as Crandon Park, is a unique privilege.

We are super stoked to start a new 2013/2014 season and seeing you all again.
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