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Originally Posted by MrBill View Post
Hi there,

Newbie here, taking first lesson at LBTS on Saturday.

I've been watching YT videos, and googling for lessons and tips.

if there is a section or any tips for newbies, pass them my way (pls).


Q: How long till I should be able to go out, and come back to shore?

(in windsurfing the standard answer was 3 days or less...)

-fwiw, I can windsurf, trick ski,& sail.

A windsurfer, trick ski and sailboat can't pick you up 20 ft. and throw you into the bushes or road. Everyone is different and no one can tell you how long it will take. You will know better after your first lesson though. Some take 2 or 3 lesson and some do many more. If I had $100 for every time someone said they would be a quick learner because they did other sport, I would have retired already. Take it slow! You are not always learning what to do but also what not to do.

As Rick says, it is much easier to learn in flat, shallow water as it gives you confidence.

Don't go out further than you are willing or able to swim back.
Know your limitations.
If everyone is riding 7m kites and you only have a 12m, go home or watch.
Get off the beach when flying your kite. Water is much safer!
Keep watch for squalls.
Take you time.
Distance is your friend.

There are many more. But most important would be to KNOW WHERE YOUR RELEASE IS! Muscle memory will save your ass if and when you panick.

Have fun!

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