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Default Flying Down The Eiger?
Well worth a look, just not trying!

Here's a bit of irony, I think an ancestor, Christian Jossi, perhaps my great grandfather (still checking), was on the first team to successfully climb the Eiger in winter.* This without Gortex, high tech lines/climbing tools, communications, freeze dried rations, etc..

I wonder what he would have thought of descending the Eiger in this fashion? I bet he would have got off on giving it a try. Boggles the mind. I have no doubt the English guys that drove climbing and skiing into the Jungfrau area would have eaten it up in Victorian times.

* "On January 7, 1890, the Englishmen Mead and Woodroffe, together with the guides Ulrich Kaufmann and Christian Jossi, were the first to conquer the Eiger in winter time."

Any climbers out there who are into history of climbing in the Alps? Still trying to run down some leads on some of the family climbing guides. Thanks!

Still more clips of flying down the slopes at:

A view of the northwest face of the Eiger from Murren just before a fohn (a type of alpine windstorm)
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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