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Here's an update and apparently a retraction regarding the oil spilled:

"NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – An oil and gas platform operated by Mariner Energy burst into flames in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday, but the crew of 13 escaped and there were no signs of an oil spill, the Coast Guard said.
"The boats and the aircraft on scene cannot see a sheen," U.S. Coast Guard Captain Peter Troedsson told a news conference in New Orleans.
Initially, Mariner reported there was a mile-long oily sheen on the water around the platform, according to the government.
The fire burned for several hours before it was extinguished. A company spokesman said it started on an upper deck of the platform where living quarters were located, and had not been caused by a "blowout," or sudden release of oil and gas from a well.
The crew, plucked from the Gulf by an oil supply vessel, was transported to a hospital onshore and no injuries have been reported, the Houston-based company said.
Automated shutoff equipment turned off the flow of oil and gas from the platform's seven producing wells as the crew evacuated, Mariner said.
The cause of the fire is still unknown and under investigation, the company said."

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