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* Official 24 hr Notice * CKA regret to inform that after repeatedly having no wind for the East Coast Tour Stop #3 in Miami, it will be cancelled until this time next year. However there are plenty of things to be excited for:

1. East Coast Regionals Championships are NEXT WEEKEND at Beach & Boardsfest!!! Please make an effort to come on out at this event is going to be HUGE! We are asking all clubs FSU Kiteboard Association FAU Kiteboarding Association if they can help make a poster board which will be used for photos at Registration, Judges and Awards ceremonies. Please get in touch if you can help! Maybe one day we can be as big as NATIONAL SCHOLASTIC SURFING ASSOCIATION (NSSA)

2. CKA Scholarship. This appeal is to raise funds to help pay for college kiter's travel costs to Nations. We have not had any backers in over a week! Please help by making a donation!

3. Video Comp. There is little over a month to submit your entry. Don't leave it to the the last minute so you can get some views!
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