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Originally Posted by kabo123 View Post
Happy hanging out in Marathon. I can usually be found between Anns beach and key west. Looking for a place to launch in a north wind? look me up.
Anns Beach, Now thats a GR8 place to ride!
I had the chance to ride @ Bahia Honda (but I haven't had a chance to kite the surf, I've heard about on a STRONG south wind)

Sombrero Beach, Good spot on the weekdays. Too busy on the weekends

And Anns Beach, I thought that place what the chit! Tight on the parking which is cool as long as your there first. Keeps the crowd down

Originally Posted by kiwiar2000 View Post
Wow, finally. I got the "Chills" when there was a new post on the SE forum. Amazing.

What quiver? Damn right I'm a cheap, prodigal college student!
Crandon, I'd like to hit that spot up. I tried to set up my IKO level III cert w/Miamikiteboarding @ Crandon back in Dec.

Matheson, nasty little launch. But GR8 place to ride. I was actually there ALL day Tues 3-13 and had a BLAST!

Glad to see that there are someother Kite junkies in the South East section of FL.

Keep the posts going!
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